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Ben Savin
Executive PT



Innovating a new way of fitness

At BS Wellbeing we build confidence in our clients giving them a better understanding of their bodies. We educate individuals in a format that is focused on the mechanics of their bodies and their specific needs. Our aim is to ensure each step on the journey towards client goals is obtainable, creating a greater sense of achievement and saving lives in the long term.

For years we've been offering personal training services with a difference. Our passion and emphasis is on strength training and powerlifting. We’re firm believers in the ability of resistance training to improve bone density, joint strength, balance and co-ordination. But progress can only be made effectively and injury free when stability, flexibility and mobility issues are addressed. With this in mind, we work hard to train, educate and empower those who seek our expertise. To us, personal training is more than just pushing clients hard in the gym, it's about setting them up for life with knowledge and understanding about their body and how to live longer, happier lives.

Nothing will give you a rush like heavy lifting. It’s our stress relief, our passion, our religion. It’s incredible exercise for your body and your mind. For a sense of achievement, empowerment and confidence, purchase a package today.



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