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Personal training is a serious commitment and it’s not necessarily for everyone. Even though it’s incredibly effective when it comes to health and fitness results, affordability can be a big issue. If you fit into this category but you’re really determined to change your health and lifestyle, our new regular workshops could be for you.

Taking place at the studio in Surrey Quays, these workshops are a wonderful opportunity for you to find out essential tips and guidance relating to healthy living. Fun, interactive and laid back, you’ll find out so much to get you motivated. It’s a really eye-opening experience for many clients!

Currently we’re running a ‘healthier you’ workshop and a workshop for women who would like to learn more about weight lifting. The ‘healthier you’ workshop is really a general guide for those who want to take control of their health and lifestyle for themselves. Information regarding better sleep, better nutrition and integrating daily exercise are included. ‘Ladies who lift’ is specifically geared towards helping women feel more confident in the gym. All too often women still shy away from the weights room or section of the gym and we believe this has to stop! Endless exercising on cardio machines is no good for all round flexibility and posture as such movements don’t put joints through their full range of motion. What’s more, lifting can be so much fun and empowering, not to mention having the added bonus of improving body tone! If you’re interested in either then please get in touch!