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'I would highly recommend training with Ben. It is great fun, challenging and you see results quickly. Working out for me was difficult because of long hours at work and having a young family but Ben was flexible in his timing and approach and made it work. The nutritional advice was a massive bonus especially when you consider how much you would pay for this alone from some trainers. Ben really cares about you hitting your goals so keeps changing things up and keeps you motivated.

Most importantly you need to enjoy working out and that means enjoying hanging out with the person you’re working out with! Ben is a great guy, good fun, very nice and I always looked forward to catching up with him as much as I was looking forward to our sessions.

Top bloke; great trainer. 6/5 stars from me.'

Andrew Metcalfe

'Ben has been an inspiring addition to my life, he is an excellent trainer, and has helped me enormously to get in better shape and to stick with it. He is personable, always on time, helpful and flexible, and imaginative in developing new workout routines. I like him for his humour and always enjoy my workouts with Ben.'

Linda Kennedy

'Ben is awesome!! Fantastic sessions tailored to my needs. Highly recommend Ben as he's reliable, fun and highly motivational. Give him a call today!'

Charlotte Mara-Patterson

'Ben is a really fantastic trainer who takes care of his clients' needs and as an Incomplete Paraplegic, he makes sure my exercise programme is tailored around my disability. He is reliable and makes each session fun. An all-around great guy and highly recommended.' 

Ann Bennett


'I started training with Ben one year postpartum.  

Before I saw Ben, I hadn’t made any progress with my weight or strength and also felt nervous about exercising my core after a Caesarean section. I had also picked up unhealthy habits from my pregnancy and nursing, such as a sugar addiction and snacking in the middle of the night.


'Training with Ben was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I began to get my ‘old’ pre pregnancy figure back and was even stronger than before. He managed to give me back confidence in my core and body whilst not pushing me too far outside my comfort zone. I looked forward to exercising! He also gave lots of advice on my diet and useful solutions to the midnight snacking and how to get back to a more healthy relationship with sugar again. 

I continued to workout with Ben during my second pregnancy. His knowledge, perceptiveness and attentiveness meant I trusted that he wasn’t asking me to do things that I shouldn’t be doing. 

Ben put so much thought into and planned our sessions so well to my individual needs and tastes; he put the ‘personal’ into personal training.' 

Jennifer Metcalfe




Case Study - Luke Slattery

Luke set about finding a PT having realised that he couldn't make the changes he needed to without expert guidance and motivation. He had always been in pretty good shape in his 20's but now 33 years old, he had found that slowly he'd put on weight and that weight was getting harder to shift. After just 4 months of training twice a week he managed to shed the best part of 3 stone. Not only that but he gained muscle! We built up the intensity of the sessions very gradually but most importantly, Luke kept filling in his nutrition logs religiously and so we were able to monitor his nutrient intake and get him into a more positive behavioural pattern. That's really all it takes to change your body - a bit of dedication and a sense of wanting to achieve. If you have that, we can help you to make behavioural changes to benefit your life for good.


Case Study - Steve Rochford

Steve came to me in August 2015. He was a builder by trade but had gone from holding a constantly active post to a sedentary one in which he was mainly pointing the finger as opposed to laying bricks! He'd had a heart attack, used to smoke 100 cigarettes a day and had serious back issues. His outlook on life was poor. He weighed over 160kg and he had very little energy. Training Steve has been an absolute pleasure. We started with very light exercise just to get him moving. However he can now bench press over 100kg and do push ups all day! He has slowly changed his behaviour towards a more positive, healthy lifestyle. He understands his body and what he needs. When the last photo was taken, he had been training for a year and his weight was down at 118kg. His muscle mass had developed, flexibility and posture improved and his cardiovascular fitness was improving no end. Most importantly, Steve feels energetic, more confident and happy. He is off nearly all his meds and he looks amazing!