Everyone is different. This is why personal training must be a unique service, specific to your needs and goals. For us, that means coaching clients in every aspect of well-being. Our programs will help you to develop a more confident, alert and energised outlook. By examining your emotional well-being, nutritional health and all round fitness, we can advise various steps to achieve a better 'you'.

We will help you to develop a greater level of fitness in terms of your aerobic endurance, all over strength, flexibility and mobility. Everyone has experienced their own unique existence and that experience will have an individual impact on that person’s body. Upbringing, activity levels and job roles to name a few have a massive impact on the way we move and hold ourselves. Mobility, stability and flexibility must be addressed in order to help clients move with optimal ease and efficiency. This kind of assessment and understanding can only be achieved with 1:1 training. Having a specific set of insights regarding clients aids in efficient, effective programming specific to that clients goals.

We can also help you to feel more positive about yourself. Our trainers take your individual requirements into consideration and create a training program and environment and that corresponds directly to your expectations. Not only is it important to be able to plan exercises that work for clients and their goals, it is so important to have an affinity with our clientele. Having an understanding of mental and physical health is central to this. We are motivators, positive reinforcers and incredibly supportive. Changing your life, health and lifestyle is a big commitment and it can be draining but signing up to 1:1 training means you’ll have all the encouragement and support you need. We’ve got your back.


*A full consultation and health/fitness evaluation

*Expert 1:1 training programme

*Home mobility and stability routine

*Round the clock support and motivation

*Facebook support group membership

*Nutrition plan and option to purchase pre-prepped food weekly