21 Day Challenge


21 DAY challenge!

So you want to get into shape but your not sure if we are the right fit for you? In this situation, the only advice I can give you is 1. Don't sit on the fence, you'll hurt your bum and 2. try our whole system out for 3 weeks. If you like it then you can sign up for a full program, it's that simple. Find out how the 21 Day Challenge runs and how to start below.


First things first

We have a committed team that works with you every step of the way to achieve your goals, ensuring that you will have continuous support during your time with BS Wellbeing. This level of commitment from us requires a twinned level of commitment from you. One of our firm beliefs is that accountability gets results. You will be accountable for your actions but during the challenge you will receive all the help and support you could possibly need to get you on the right path. If you are committed and ready for change then you needn't worry, success is imminent.


We understand that jumping into the unknown is a thrill ride that is just not for everybody. What we do know is that starting in baby steps is a better start than none at all. So especially for the shy types we have developed the 21 Day Challenge to give them a taste of what it is to win at having a happier mind and body.

This begins with assessing your current level of nutritional health, physical health and mental wellbeing. All clients receive a free consultation where body fat, muscle mass, bone density etc can be analysed. Photos will give us a 'before' status and we can determine nutritional health through a series of questions. In addition, we will determine what mental barriers might stand in the way of your success.





Once we understand your current situation, we can design a program that will be optimal for your needs both physically and mentally. The aim of our 21 Day Challenge is to educate our clients how to live fuller and happier lives. With this in mind, each client will receive their own action plan for the 3 weeks. This includes a nutritional planner and journal - we will help you to plan meals and give you options for what to eat and when. You will then record your food and fluid intake daily. We shall also endeavour to provide you with a supplement protocol to achieve optimal nutrition. Small group personal training sessions are included in the package at the Surrey Quays studio (or your home if preferable). All programs will focus on developing aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility unless otherwise stated. Along with the PT sessions each client will receive their own home exercise routine to do outside of the studio. Full accountability and support will be provided via the facebook group. In order to help with any mental barriers or issues, our knowledge of NLP and psychology will be utilised to provide aid in the way of life coaching and daily strategies. 

The individual who progresses the furthest with their overall health will receive a month of totally free personal training sessions!